In Captain Frank Worsley’s diary he describes Mrs Chippy climbing the rigging "... exactly after the manner of a seaman going aloft". It seems that after the crew had made their farewells McNish probably took the cat into his tent to say his goodbyes, when the steward Blackborow somehow rustled up a bowl of sardines — Mrs Chippy's favourite and a real treat. What happened on June 15th? McNish's surname was and is commonly spelled 'McNeish' — Shackleton himself used it — but his birth certificate revealed it to be McNish, and in 1998 the name of the island was accordingly officially altered. But by then the name had stuck. Frank Hurley. The modelling of historic models should be given its measure of praise. Blackborow rescued the cat before the threat could be carried out — but that was another life gone! There are plenty of accounts of their adventures and I shall not repeat them here. When he died a naval funeral was arranged, with bearers from the Royal Navy and a gun carriage supplied by the New Zealand Army. No doubt he had some extra 'treats' to eat, as a relief from the usual fare of sealmeat for breakfast, sealmeat for lunch and sealmeat for supper. 70. But NcNish never forgave Shackleton for having his cat shot. One result was that Shackleton did not recommend McNish for the award of a Polar Medal, despite the vital part his carpentry skills had played in ensuring the survival of the lifeboats — and thus the men's lives — in some of the most hostile seas in the world. To pass the time when stranded for months on the ice the crew played football matches, arranged dog racing events as … Then, in 2004, a life-size bronze statue of Mrs Chippy was added to the grave. He survived there until 1930, destitute, with help from the waterfront folk. Featuring Felines Nor, indeed, ultimately for the dogs, who despite being rationed were consuming more meat than the men. Philately | they called the cat mrs. chippy, thinking it was female. The Antarctic dog derby. But by the end of the month it was obvious it was not to be, and the ship was beginning to break up under the pressure of the ice. document.write("?subject=Mrs Chippy\">"); These were called 'dogloos'. Tragically, as she made her way back to the White House, she got in a collision with a … He was in the freezing water for ten minutes or more, but soon recovered — although undoubtedly one of his nine lives had been used up! The captain ordered the dogs and Mrs. Chippy to be shot. He was loved by the crew and by all accounts was a great kitty to have on a ship. After about a month, when the Antarctic winter was setting in and it was obvious the ship was not going to be on the move anytime soon, the dogs were moved off the deck into specially built houses made from ice blocks, on the ice floe beside the ship. In spite of the name he was a tough tomcat from Glasgow, and he belonged to Henry (Harry) McNish, ship's carpenter and master shipwright. Fans | To this they added a life-size bronze statue of Mrs Chippy in 2004, funded through public subscription, to complete a tribute and memorial to the carpenter and his much-loved cat. One example is when he made the difficult… Frank Bossert is a German musician, composer and songwriter living in the north of the country. Of course, animals were the original test pilots for space missions. Becoming apparently rather bored with the proceedings at one stage, Mrs Chippy seems to have decided the best thing to do would be to hibernate for a while, and he disappeared to somewhere warm and quiet from the 5th to the 10th of February. McNish's grandson Tom, who lives in England, was delighted and felt his grandfather would have been pleased. Didn't ever ask what I was watching or how it happened just took it to be repaired and never spoke of it again. Unfortunately, Mrs. Chippy's journal comes to an abrupt end when the Endurance is crushed by the ice, and Alexander makes no mention of what happened on that day. [2], McNish was very attached to Mrs Chippy and never forgave Shackleton for having him killed. These dogs suffered from lack of exercise and — oddly, considering the important role they would be expected to play later — were not very well looked after; indeed, poor condition led to the early demise of several of them. mrs. chippy was also killed, chippy the carpenter (and maybe others) lamented this too. Further details of the album and the whole project can be seen at MySpace. Patrick Roberts In June 2004 the society cleaned up the grave and commissioned a life-sized bronze sculpture of McNish's beloved cat to adorn it. However, by then, everyone was used to the name "Mrs. Chippy," and kept using it. They played sports, listened to music. Mrs Chippy, a tiger-striped tabby, was taken on board the ship used by the expedition's Weddell Sea party, Endurance, as a ship's cat by carpenter and master shipwright Harry "Chippy" McNish ("Chippy" being a colloquial British term for a carpenter). He was willing and proved to be an asset, eventually gaining promotion to steward. The painting Mrs Chippy by Wolf Howard shows the cat "about to be shot", while in the background Endurance is depicted trapped in the ice and its crew can be seen launching a small open boat on a rescue mission. He was a handsome, intelligent, good-natured and affectionate animal, and a first-rate mouser and ratcatcher to boot. Who was in charge of the photography? ! Incredibly, the ship was crushed after 9 months trapped in the ice, but not a single man was lost. Storekeeper Thomas Orde-Lees, in a diary entry dated 13 September 1914, relates that "An extraordinary thing happened during the night. He remains the only cat ever to have been awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry under enemy fire, Unfortunately the tape got stuck in the player and I couldn't get it out without confessing all to my dad. Mrs. Chippy had been stranded in the ocean’s icy waters for a full 10 minutes before the crew was able to rescue the pet. The dogs also had a stout wire between posts along which they could run for exercise while remaining securely chained to it; again Mrs Chippy would tempt fate by watching them from just out of range. var cry1=String.fromCharCode(109,97,105,108,116,111,58);document.write("